Electro-Plastics, Inc

LEED registered project. The owners have installed their proprietary radiant heat mat system throughout the building to handle the heating load. The radiant mats are also installed for snow melt on the exterior of the building. 30,000 sq ft. two story manufacturing, warehousing and shipping with a single story office of 4,750 sq. ft. 4 texture wall panels with an MR-24 roof system with 9 of batt insulation. Semi conductive plastic radiant heat mat system for heating in the office, warehouse and manufacturing building. The texture wall panels and 9 of insulation in the roof create a building envelope with superior insulating values.

  • Location: 11147 Dorsett Road
    St. Louis, MO 63043
  • Building Size: 100′ x 150’x 28′ manufacturing and warehouse with a 63 x 75 x 13 office.
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