Crown Valley Winery

Three story structure using concrete load bearing walls for full basement with underground caves for production, maturation and storage of wines made from grapes grown on-site. HCI constructed benches and designed a layout for fermentation tanks. A hanging bridge connects the retails sales area with the tasting area and huge wrap around porches. Top two stories designed with conventional steel, VSR roof over 6′ of rigid board insulation and 4’ texture wall sandwich panels. A wrap around porch with soffit on three sides of the building and 40x60x22 canopy for the unloading of grapes was also built. The porch is also the roof of the underground cave system. A second smaller building was built out of frame walls and a truss system roof using Butler™s VSR roof and texture-cote wall panels.

  • Location: 23889 State Route WW
    Ste. Genevieve, MO 63026
  • Building Size: 160′ x 100′ x 35′
  • End Use: Winery with winemaking, maturation and storage on-site. Retail store, wine tasting and sales, catering and special events room.
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